NOVEMBER 19, 2019  9 AM - 3:30 PM


the dennard center

atlanta tech college

1560 metropolitan ave.

atlanta, ga



10:30 - 11:30 am

The Necessary Evils: How to Avoid the Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

This session will give attendees a high-level view of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face. We will discuss topics such as; choosing the correct legal entity for your business, protecting your intellectual property, protecting your rights with agreements, and employment issues. Take part in this session and get ahead of potential pitfalls you may face as a small business owner. Attendees will learn about: Choosing the best business entity
Protecting intellectual property
Maintaining appropriate agreements
Considerations when hiring employees
Considerations while still an employee Presented By: Katherine Sparks, Esq. (learn more about Katie)

Rock Stars in an Elevator: Creating a Great 3o-Second Elevator Speech

We will briefly review the reason that pitches are either good or bad. Then using popular songs as templates, we will give examples of great pitches. The artists include Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Kanye West, and others. Each song leads to one way of creating a pitch that resonants and is remembered. At the end, audience members can present their pitch and then have it fixed using the best song template. Can you guess which song is the best? Presented By: Jim Beach (learn more about Jim)

LinkedIn: Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

For most young entrepreneurial businesses, YOU are the brand. Potential investors and future customers are attracted to you first, then your company. Because of this, your personal brand is very important. Gregg will show you what makes a strong LinkedIn profile and explain what you should be doing daily on LinkedIn to build relationships and grow your personal brand. Learn the answers to the following questions: * What is Personal Brand and why is it so important for entrepreneurs?
* What's the difference between your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn company page?
* What are the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile (and do I really need one)?
* What should I be doing daily on LinkedIn to grow my brand and business?
* What are of the newest LinkedIn features on the desktop and cell phone? Presented By: Gregg Burkhalter (learn more about Gregg)


1:15 - 2:15 pm

Break the Rules & Close More Sales

Successful sales leaders have a systematic approach to developing business opportunities. They follow a tried and true, step-by-step process that produces a definite outcome each time it is practiced. In this module, participants learn about a non-traditional methodology and how by following it, they can remove the roadblocks in their current system and ensure a successful conclusion to each opportunity. Attendees will learn: - Why traditional sales tactics do not work in 2019
- How prospects use salespeople for their own benefit
- A non-traditional approach that gets better and consistent results
- How to implement the mindsets, strategies, and tactics that work Workshop presented by: Al Simon (learn more about Al)

Your Price is Too Low: Pricing Your Products & Services

  • Are you tired of working too hard for too little profit?
  • Do you feel like the value you deliver is not reflected in the price you receive?
  • Is your business growing faster than your profits?
  • Do you know the most effective strategy for improving your bottom line?
  • What’s the most effective strategy to prepare your company to be sold?
The answer to all these questions lies in pricing. We'll cover these topics and more in this informative session:
  • Given the competition you face, it is possible to achieve higher pricing for your product or service?
  • How can you communicate value to your customers to realize a price which better reflects the value you deliver?
  • How do you respond to the “it’s too expensive” objection?
  • How can you raise your prices and keep your customers?
Presented By: John Ray (learn more about John)

Marketing: Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

​​​​​​ Marketing is a necessary evil for a lot of entrepreneurs. A lot of people didn't go to school for marketing, branding, or design, but know they need it in order to grow their business. How many of you are throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick? How many of you have hired a "digital marketing company" to launch your website, do your SEO, or launch some Facebook ads only to have them fail and feel like you've wasted your time and money? How many of you just blend in with the competition?It doesn't have to be this way!In this session, Skot will share his ideas on why a lot of marketing doesn't work and give you some practical tips on how to make an impact on your business and marketing efforts moving forward. Presented By: Skot Waldron (learn more about Skot)

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